Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

⁃ Any talent at all! We mainly have job listings for Financial Services, IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Light Industrial and Manufacturing.

⁃ After you submit a referral and the Friend accepts the terms and services outlined in the email that we send to them, as well as confirms contact details and provides resume; then the primary recruiter for that job will be notified. From there they are screened and follow our processes in-house, and may or may not get submitted to the client for the referred job.

⁃ You can track referrals within your dashboard. Access your dashboard by signing into your account and going to:

⁃ The referrals that are made by those who are referring should not be current TalentBurst Employees.

⁃ Our system has a way to ensure that there is not a duplicate profile for that person, but you are still eligible to receive an award.

⁃ Make sure to fill out all information when referring someone. In addition, make sure the person who is being referred checks their email for communication from TalentReferPlus and responds back, if need be, in a timely manner.

⁃ No, there is no limit for how many referrals you can make at this time.

⁃ No, you can not refer yourself, or other identities of yourself to a job.

⁃ No, those who are referred and refer must reside in the United States & Canada

⁃ No, they must not be in the hiring process with TalentBurst.

⁃ If they are on a current assignment with TalentBurst, then the referral is not eligible. They must be completed with their assignment before they are eligible for referral in TalentBurst.

⁃ You have 45 days from the date of first Referral for that candidate to be marked as a start in order to be considered for payout. (*payout only after candidate reached 320 hours and for nurses 480 hours)

⁃ No, if the referral has already applied to the job and the referrer then refers someone afterwards to the same job, then the referrer is not eligible for the referral award.

⁃ If your referral doesn’t get hired within 45 days, then they will move to “Re-Available” in your dashboard allowing you to refer them again for a different position.

⁃ Currently, you cannot withdraw a referral. If there are any extenuating circumstances, please contact support.

⁃ Please feel free to refer any friends, family members or colleagues to different open jobs. There is no limit.

⁃ All transmission of data is encrypted and data that is being stored is protected. In addition, TalentBurst cannot contact anyone referred unless they give specific permission to be contacted. We take your data security seriously.

⁃ Please contact our support email:

⁃ Your payment could take up to 90 days after the referrals required billable hours are completed. If you have questions on how many billable hours are required for a roll, please reference the application tracking page (

⁃ Please reference the application tracking page (

⁃ We have two options available at this time. You can elect to receive your payment via Zelle (when available) or via check.

⁃ If your referral leaves, quits, or is terminated before their required billable hours, then the referral bonus is no longer available.

⁃ Please contact for any account questions.

⁃ If you have any feedback, or have ideas for improvement for our platform please contact

⁃ You can reset your password from the Password reset link